You Don’t Need An Ark!

Ok. So the floods have subsided and thankfully Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park suffered no inundation. In fact many hardy souls saw the whole event out in their own tents and others opted for the luxury of our safari styled tents and cabins.

So be assured, wherever you are, that there is no reason to stay away from the previously flood effected region of the Northern Rivers and South East Queensland.

With those worries out of the way some locals think the end of summer / start of autumn is the optimal time to visit our district.

For one, the temperatures have started dropping off and the sting has relented from the sun somewhat (slip slop slap though!). The kids can stay on the beach longer and entertain themselves for hours – whilst you bask in the more temperate sun’s rays.

At this time of year our ocean temperatures are actually peaking and the water is a fantastic temperature for swimming. You and the kids can take a dawn plunge and then do the same at dusk in total comfort.

The Byron hinterland at this time of year is as good as it gets.

Dry creeks are now running and the districts waterfalls are in majestic form. We seriously recommend getting up to Minyon Falls to witness them in full flight. Of course you can take many hikes around the Minyon area, but if you’re feeling lazy there are convenient car parks at lookouts where you barely need to leave the confines of your vehicle for a great view. The main lookout is at the top of the 100m falls and has an easy access timber path to the lookout. The other view back towards the falls is at Minyon Grass (sign posted) this is an even shorter walk to a large viewing platform.

The other falls we recommend are Protestors Falls. These have a good path from the car park area to the falls and although not as high as Minyon, mother nature’s landscaping up this creek bed is second to none.

Visiting Protestors Falls is also a great reason to visit the iconic villages of the Channon and Nimbin which are close by and represent the Northern Rivers alternative lifestyle community most clearly. Great food made with local produce is readily available in both towns and all the districts tropical fruits are in season.

For some, the final reason for visiting us at this time of year is the famous Byron Bay tourist influx has lessened. The beaches are less crowded, traffic is reduced, parking easier and the pace of life has dropped. It’s much easier to see the town as locals see it – stay for a week and be on a first name basis with your favourite barista or bartender.

Try it, we know you’ll want to come back.

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