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Top 10 Tips for Camping With Kids

In Australia most of us have memories of childhood camping trips and adventures in the great outdoors. For some it’s long weeks of bare feet, sun and sand at the beach and sleeping under the stars, for other it might be the memory of riding bikes, making some new friends and eating ice cream and marshmallows. But some things are for sure, they nearly all involve the simple pleasure of being together as a family and being surrounded by those you love. Because the truth is kids mostly remember the feelings more so than the details and what seems ordinary to adults can be wondrous, exciting and amazing to a child.

So if you’ve never had the opportunity to take your kids camping (or your last attempt was disastrous and left you vowing never, never again) let our guide to camping with kids inspire you to set off on your own camping adventure and create some new family memories.

1. Choosing Your Location

Before you trek off, stop and consider how experienced you and your kids are at camping. Decide ahead of time what facilities you want and what luxuries you are prepared to do without. If you’ve never been camping before or don’t own any camping gear it may be wise to ease into things and choose a holiday park that has tents that are ready to go. Here at the Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park we have a range of safari-styled tents that allow you to simply arrive and start camping – in style. A little more adventurous? Pitch a tent, bring a van or unhitch your caravan. Our facilities include a gourmet kitchen, clean BBQ’s, toilets, showers, FREE Wi-Fi, laundry, ice, snacks and much more. The beach is on your doorstep plus there’s an excellent children’s playground just down the road, along with a family-friendly pub, shops, takeaways and eateries.

2. Make a List and Check it Twice (with the Kids)

This technique doesn’t just work for Santa, it makes sense and can be a fun way to get everyone involved in preparing and thinking about your family holiday. It’s the small things that are often more important and they make a HUGE difference to your comfort and happiness once you arrive. Getting kids to have their own backpack also helps them think about what they need.

Some must-haves include:

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Esky for cold food
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Torches for everyone
  • Marshmallows + healthy snacks
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Multiple changes of clothes (kids have a habit of getting wet and filthy in the blink of an eye)
  • Warm clothes (it can always get cold)
  • Plastic zip lock bags for wet clothes and various collected “treasures” from the beach
  • Closed-in shoes – for bush walking, bike riding etc.
  • Thongs
  • Bikes
  • Card games
  • Lots of towels
  • Beach toys

3. Fun, Healthy Food

Little bodies playing all day need good fuel to keep them going. Camping is the perfect time to make healthy food fun and easy. Try simple recipes that the kids can be involved in preparing like damper, spuds cooked in foil, baked beans, fresh fruit salad, a trail mix of seeds, nuts and dried fruit and veggie ‘snack packs’ of cut up carrot, cucumber, celery and cherry tomatoes. As with everything, moderation is the key – so make sure you do include some fun treats like marshmallows or pancakes.

4. Helpers Hats On

Kids are great helpers and love to feel they are part of the whole experience. Choosing a campsite, sweeping the tent site, washing up pots and carrying the torch are just some of the jobs that you can get kids to do. Not only does this keep them out of mischief it helps build essential life skills. Feeling part of the family decisions also lets them experience responsibility with your guiding hands for reassurance. Many hands make light work so it will also remind them gently that Mum and Dad are here to have some fun and relax too.

5. I’m bored!

If camping and the outdoors is brand new to your kids and they are pining for their iPods or devices, then be patient. The whinging and whining will pass especially if they see you getting in and trying new things. Swimming, fishing, bike riding, bird watching and bush walking are the obvious camping things to do, but think outside the box and invent your own list of outdoor games and fun. Set up a treasure hunt with clues, invent stories about the pirates and dinosaurs that used to live at your camp site (this will spark a wave of imagination and a host of games), bring a small pack of pencils and a blank sketch book and encourage your “little artists” to draw what they see and hear around them, explore rock pools and creeks, go bug catching, build sand castles, fly kites on the beach, get up early and watch the sunrise over the ocean…the list is endless.

6. Keep it Clean, Keep it Green

Keeping your campsite clean and organised will not only help things go smoothly, it will also teach your children the importance of protecting our environment. Have clearly designated rubbish bags or recycling buckets and have regular clean ups where the family work together. Discuss the animals and plants that call the area home and how they would feel if you left rubbish about and destroyed their home. Being a good camper involves caring about the world we live in.

7. Rain Rain Go Away

So you’ve planned your family camping getaway for months, the time has finally arrived and low and behold down comes the rain. All is not lost. If you’re well prepared with spare clothes let the kids go out and get wet. The feeling of summer rain, giggling and running free will stay with them always. Clothes, hair and towels can all be dried. If you’ve chosen to stay at Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park you will be grateful, as having undercover eating areas, washing machines and the “real world” just minutes away can keep your sanity intact and with so much to do in Byron Bay the family is guaranteed to still have a great time. Click here to read our guide on things to do in Byron Bay. 

8. Take Baby Camping

Many mums are put off by camping while babies are small, but if you are well prepared it can actually be a very rewarding experience for mum, dad and bub alike. The peace and quiet of nature can often sooth restless babies and when the food source is mum you can travel light. Choosing a campsite not too far from town with good facilities can also help if anything goes astray.

9. Don’t be Afraid of Dirt

Dirt is part and parcel with any camping adventure, but it needn’t mean a constant state of panic for mum if you remember that dirt means FUN! Relax a little while you are away even if you love having your children and home spotlessly and germ free. Allowing kids a healthy dose of outside play including dirt, sand, sunshine and fresh air is good for them and helps kids build a resistance to bugs and illnesses.

10. Record Your Experience

When you return home, the gear is packed away and the washing is all done, take some time to relive the fun with your kids by creating a camping book or journal. Include pictures you have taken, maps, stories and mementos. Also make a list of things you realised you needed but forgot, some fun facts you learnt and start planning your next trip! With school-age kids it’s important to book early as many holiday parks fill up quickly over the school holidays.

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Recommended by TripAdvisor – The World’s Largest Travel Site

Recently we were presented with a coveted “Recommended on TripAdvisor” badge by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, for our excellent customer rating of 4.5 out of 5. We are immensely proud of this recognition, not only for ourselves but also for our hard working staff and partners.

We love what we do and it is our philosophy to give our guests a personal and memorable holiday experience. Whether you’ve travelled from the other side of the world or from just up the road, we aim to offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with that familiar old-style holiday park feel.

Here are just a sample of the positive and enthusiastic responses we’ve received on the TripAdvisor website and via our guest book.


“A Fam Stay!” – 5 out of 5

“We have just experienced a wonderful week here with our family & friends. Clean, quiet and perfectly located to a beautiful running walking surfing beach and walking distance to general store, brilliant bakery & pizza shop. Fantastic spot with helpful friendly management and staff.”

“Ultimate family fun” – 5 out of 5

“We love the idea of caravans parks because your kids can run around free without you having to worry, something you can’t do at a resort. Our son met kids while we just relaxed out the front of our safari tent and watched the kids hooning on their scooters and climbing up trees. We had our bikes and there is a fantastic bike track all the way to town, it makes a real difference then having to ride on the road. The tent was so much fun, it had a kitchenette, bed and bunks and was very roomy. We would definitely come again.”

“Absolute Beach Bliss!” – 5 out of 5

“We live in the area (but away from the coast) and decided we wanted to get away to the beach for the weekend and treat our young daughter to the style of holiday our parents use to take us on. A friend recommended the Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park – and what a find! It had everything we wanted and so much more. The location is incredible. The park is located right on the beach (nestled in the dunes). We could walk from our cabin through a bush track and we were on the beach. The park managers were fantastic and everyone in the park seemed so relaxed. It was great to be out of the hustle and bustle of Byron, but still get to enjoy the beautiful beach. Thank you! We’ll be back!”

“In one word, “Awesome”!!” – 5 out of 5

“To quote my 8 year old daughter – This is the best holiday I’ve been on!”

“Excellent facilities, friendly service” – 5 out of 5

“The staff couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating – highly recommended”

Guestbook Comments:

“Great relaxed atmosphere. Lots of happy kids in the camp. Fantastic setting, right on beachfront.”

“The security and safe feeling we all shared as a family really stood out for us.”

“I have been to many camping spots all over the world, yours is just amazing, friendly and nice atmosphere, loved it here, happy to come back.” 

Family School Holiday Photos:

Remember those holidays at the beach when you were a kid? Relaxed atmosphere, happy campers, kids riding bikes and endless BBQ’s? Well we’ve still got it! Please find below some great holiday pictures from families enjoying their recent school holiday break with us.

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