How you can practice eco-friendly travel

03 Aug 2021
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With road trips and outdoor adventures becoming increasingly popular in recent times, many travelers are seeking more environmentally friendly alternatives when hitting the road. From packing reusable bottles and containers, to switching lights off when not in the room, reducing water consumption and much more, travelling sustainably is easily achievable. 

So how does one achieve eco-friendly travel? Follow our top tips below to find out how. 


Swap single use plastics for reusable alternatives  

Majority of capital cities and large towns around Australia have already begun to swap out their single use plastics for biodegradable or compostable alternatives. This is because single-use plastics like plastic utensils and straws are to be phased out in Australia from 2025. 

We all know the ease and convenience of single-use plastics - especially when out on the road. Packing single-use plastics such as cutlery, plates, cups, and plastic bags does make it easier when planning a camping trip and when cleaning up at the end (or that fact you won't have to clean these items). However, it is not the friendliest to the environment. Our tip would be that the next time you find yourself needing the convenience of disposable cutlery, opt to replace plastic ones with biodegradable or compostable options. 

Better yet, find an old-style picnic set complete with plates, cups, and cutlery, or look to assemble one of your own! Pull together spare items from around the house or reach out to family and friends who might have items they are happy to part with.  

Here are some more ideas on how to be more eco-friendly when on the road:   

  • Pack your own reusable shopping bags     

  • Avoid buying or using products wrapped in plastics   

  • Use paper bags for both storage and as bin liners  

  • Purchase eco-friendly plates, cutlery, and cups 

  • Bring your own straws - stainless steel or bamboo are great options! 

  • Take your own reusable water bottles so you can top them up along the way – it is cheaper as well. 


Shop Local 

Another great option to practice more eco-friendly travel is to shop local. Sustainable travel isn't just about reducing your plastic usage and product wastage, it also incorporates supporting the local communities you visit along the way. Wherever you are travelling too, it is great to make the effort to research your destination and its surrounding areas prior to arrival. Instead of shopping at a large multi-national supermarket chain, find out if you can buy goods from shops or markets in the area that employ local community members and supplies produce from the local farmers.  

If there are no independent stores available and you find yourself needing to shop at a large supermarket, you should opt for goods that have come from the local communities, over home brand items.  



Recycling is one of the easiest ways to practice low-impact travel. All you have to do is take the time to separate your rubbish and ensure you are using the correct bin. 

If you are not staying at a caravan or holiday park that provides a green waste and recycling bin, consider setting up your own compost container. This can be as simple as a bucket with a tight lid (to stop the bugs coming in!) and then emptying it out at your next stop that has a green waste bin. Recycling can be done in a similar manner by placing rubbish in a bin or cloth bag until a suitable drop-off location is found. 

Along with this, ensuring that you practice a responsible site clean-up is a great way to practice eco-friendly travel. Camping is so much fun and while we all hate the last day and having to pull down and pack up, it is important to make sure you have cared for the location you camped. This will not only make the next camper's experience a positive one, but it will also adhere to one of the simple approaches of sustainable travel: being responsible with our actions to create a positive effect on the communities we visit.  

After you have packed up the tent or closed the caravan, involve everyone in cleaning up any rubbish that has been left around your campsite! 


Travelling with an eco-friendly perspective is a lifestyle. One that is extremely easy to incorporate into your everyday life whether you're on the road or at home. Follow these tips and you’re sure to be a successful eco-friendly traveler.  

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