RSS Feed

Using RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

rss This symbolrss-icon links to an RSS feed. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated content. RSS makes it easier for you to keep up with changes on your favourite web sites.

Subscribing to our RSS feed allows you to receive our regular blog updates in a single place.

RSS subscribers can receive alerts through an RSS Reader or Aggregator, which can be accessed one of three different ways:

  •     Through a free subscription to web-based RSS readers (such as Bloglines or other readers)
  •     Through a web browser’s bookmarks which update in live-time
  •     Through Outlook where RSS feeds come in as E-mail messages which filter into a special RSS folder instead of your Inbox

If you’re looking for an RSS reader, here are a few links.

Once you have an RSS reader installed, you can subscribe to our Blog via RSS by clicking here.
To have the feed delivered to your Outlook Mailbox:

  1. With Outlook open, click on “Tools” and select “Account Settings”
  2. Click on “RSS Feeds” tab
  3. Choose “New”
  4. Type or copy & paste URL for blog
  5. Click on “Add”
  6. Confirm feed name and delivery location

Outlook will created a folder and deliver all blog posts to date that are available from that feed.

Please note: not all versions of Outlook enable this feature.

To view the feed in your RSS Aggregator:

Copy the URL
Paste the URL into your reader.